• Professional beekeeper Vented gloves with goat leather hands
  • Medium-weight canvas sleeves and elastic cuffs
  • Tailored fit with mid-length sleeves
  • Elastic cuffs to keep the gloves comfortably in place
  • Unisex design for men and women
  • Made in Pakistan
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  • Beekeeping Vented Leather Gloves for beekeepers
  • Premium grade goatskin beekeeper’s glove designed and proven best in class product.
  • Your Safety Is Priority. That’s why we only use the best fabrics, reliable tough stitching for Protection
  • Professional-grade beekeeping gloves. We raised the bar on quality by using supple goat leather hands, reinforcing and ventilating the wrists for added protection and comfort, and employing heavy-duty canvas sleeves. We also added elastic cuffs to keep the gloves perfectly in place.
  • These Goatskin Gloves are beautifully made. Tough, Professional bee gloves for all beekeepers.
  • Made of durable canvas material with thick goat-skin leather hands for the ultimate protection
  • Premium beekeeper essential equipment for protecting against the stings of angry bees, aggressive wasps, and hornets